Health Consulting Services

Our Health Consulting Services help film productions ensure the health and well-being of their cast and crew, from preventing injuries to promoting overall wellness. Our team of experts includes lab, epidemiologist , physicians, healthcare personnel, lawyers, and medical equipment manufacturers.

Our Health Consulting Services

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Health Consulting
Our Health Management service helps film productions keep their cast and crew healthy and safe, on and off set. Your cast and crew will be kept healthy by providing them with access to preventive care, medical treatment, and mental health services.
Health Risk Assessment
Health & Wellness Programs
Cast & Crew Health Training
Implementing health & wellness programs
Lab Testing
Our Lab Testing service provides film productions with quick and accurate lab results, helping to keep your crew healthy and safe. Our lab testing service is quick, accurate, and affordable. We can provide you with results in as little as 24 hours, and our prices are competitive. We also offer a variety of convenient testing options, so you can get your crew tested quickly and easily.
Travel, Flu, Drug, STD, Covid-19
Soil, Paint, Air, Water
Telehealth Support
Protection Equipment
Our equipment and logistics service provides film productions with the personal protective equipment they need to keep their crew safe. We offer a wide range of equipment. We can help you select the right PPE for your production, can provide you with training on how to use PPE properly, and can help you comply with all applicable safety regulations.
Equipment options for hazards
Ensuring that PPE is properly sized and fitted
Training cast and crew on the proper use of equipment
Maintaining a inventory and tracking system
Environmental Cleaning
Our Environmental Cleaning service provides film productions with the cleaning services they need to keep their sets and locations clean and safe. We use sustainable cleaning products and practices to minimize our environmental impact.
Daily cleaning of sets and facilities
Specialized cleaning for specific scenes or props
Green cleaning products and practices
Waste management and recycling

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